Mike & Therese Forman are from Redding, California. Mike & Therese have been married since 1977 and have 2 wonderful sons, Justin & Jeremy, and 3 grandson Taylor, Tanner, and Matthew.

Mike & Therese have had Shih Tzu in their home now since 1989. They began showing this beautiful breed in 2001, and have developed several Champions with some exciting wins!

“We enjoy every moment with our dogs, this is where “A Moment In Time” came from. Every moment is truly blessed when a Shih Tzu is near by.” – Therese Forman

Mike was in the Financial and Insurance business for over 20 year. After the sudden death of a client, Mike was presented with the opportunity to buy a towing business from his client’s widow. This opportunity lead to their family business “Clayton’s Towing” which is where they can be found today.

Therese spent over 20 years in the OB/Gyn field in a very busy clinic. Currently Therese runs the office with her daughter-in-law, Molly, at Clayton’s Towing. The change in careers gives Therese flexible hours that allows for travel to dog shows and time with her beloved Shih Tzu.

Therese dabbled in the show world in her teens and has always had a passion for dogs. Therese and Mike raised their boys with dogs, among them, a Border Collie, Alaskan Malamute and then came the beloved Shih Tzu. Once the Shih Tzu came into their lives they were what mike calls “Shih Tzu Tized”. This first Shih Tzu was black and white and her name was Lacey.

Mike & Therese love their dogs and want to share the joy and triumphs they bring with you. Amitzu is a small intimate loving home that has a few show dogs and lifetime pets. They intend to stay small and keep this an enjoyable hobby. It has become a favorite weekend activity to travel with the dogs to shows, and visit with friends along the way.

Thank you for your visit, we love to share our Shih Tzu family with you, and hope you enjoy every “Moment in Time” you spend on our site.

Here we are today blessed with several beautiful champions and great little family members. We have meet and became friends with many other Shih Tzu lovers.

Lord, help me be the person my dogs thinks that I am! True unconditional Love.

Every Moment is a Special Moment when a Shih Tzu is nearby.

Therese Foreman

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